Here I present which neighbourhoods we have, the first photo shows an insult on Greek flag in their country (fyrom) and these plakat are to see in this country on the roads. from skopians vardarska they want to have an false identity, and the second is a photo from second world war and shows the Slavs -skopians fyroms with the Nazi officers and a photo from Hitler they were with the Nazi Germany captors in Thessaloniki!

This is the truth face of them.

FYROM sources : Ancient Macedonians were Hellenes

Individual Members and periodicals of The FYROM Academy of Arts and Sciences in various studies have accepted the Hellenic origin and culture of the ancient Macedonians.

Ivan Mikulčić states "The northern periphery of the Greek world, inhabited by ancient Macedonians and other peoples and tribes, wasn't developed for democracy as the most developed social system at that time."

The Macedonian Heritage adds, "During the early archaic period at the Macedonian territory, the Dorian tribal groups came across over the
Pindos Mountain. They established several early principalities partially by chasing away the local Paeonian tribes. Those [Dorian] tribal groups were the ancient Macedonians." 2

"The lower part of
Vardar [Greek Axios] is certainly the area south of Demir-Kapija gorge that entered Hellenic cultural sphere very early and already before 600 BC the material culture is thoroughly Hellenised."3

More over Vera Bitrakova-Grozdanova states "The Art of Antiquity left in the region of Ohrid a great number of traces of its own presence. Illyrian forts imported goods from Greek centers and imitated them in a modest fashion. Political advancement of the Macedonians and their domination enabled cultural influx that manifested itself through products of crafts and alphabet. From the times of Phillip II deeper advances in the area of Lychnidos [
Lake Ohrid] are attested. Cultural influences of the Graeco-Macedonian world are present. Rich Hellenistic culture arrived at Illyrian soil."4

The publication "Arheologija" voices "Certain proto-populations occupying distinct areas of the Balkans could be distinguished on the territories of the cultural groups: in western part of the Balkans the proto-Illyrians, in the east the proto Thracians, in the south the Hellenes, in the northern part of the Balkans the proto Daco-Mysians and in the southwest of the Central Balkans the proto-Bryges."
No mention of the Macedonians, since they were Hellenes or Greeks.

Paeonia was located in the middle of the present day FYROM having Astibus (Štip) as its capital and Vylazora (Veles) as one of the most important cities. Fanica Veljanovska declares "Paeonians, a people who during the first millennia BC inhabited the border area between the three great paleo-balkanic peoples - Illyrians, Thracians and Greeks."
She mentions no Macedonians since she considers the Macedonians Greeks.

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Ancient Village or Settlement
The city of Stobi was first mentioned in documents from the 2nd century BCE, however, archaeologists believe that the town had been inhabited from at least 400 years earlier. Stobi became a rich and prosperous city due to its location on the crossroads of important trade routes. It experienced its biggest period of growth from the 3rd-4th centuries CE from which most of the ruins such as the 2nd century amphitheatre, the Theodosia palace, and early Christian ruins with extensive and ornate mosaic floors remain.

The archaeological site is located just 3 km from the Gradsko exit on Highway E-75 central north-south highway which connects VARDASKA (FYROM ) with Greece, which was also an important trade route in antiquity





Here you see an old map from ex Yugoslavia, so you can see also the name of the fyrom of this time, it was not Macedonia, because they do not have something common with the Greeks, with Macedonians. 



Text of the inscription (translation from Old Bulgarian):

In year 6523 (1015) since the creation of the world, this fortress, built and made by Ivan, Tsar of Bulgaria, was renewed with the help and the prayers of Our Most Holy Lady and through the intercession of her twelve supreme apostles. The fortress was built as a haven and for the salvation of the lives of the Bulgarians. The work on the fortress of Bitola commenced on the twentieth day of October and ended on the… This Tsar was Bulgarian by birth, grandson of the pious Nikola and Ripsimia, son of Aaron, who was brother of Samuil, Tsar of Bulgaria, the two who routed the Greek army of Emperor Basil at Stipone where gold was taken… and this… Tsar was defeated by Emperor Basil in 6522 (1014) since the creation of the world in Klyutch (the Battle of Kleidion) and died at the end of the summer.




The following is a letter from Lazar Panev Kolishev from Skopje prison requesting a pardon by Bulgarian king Boris for his involvment with the communists. Astonishingly this man was to become Tito's envoy in Vardar and later to become President of the Yugoslav Federal Republic of Macedonia under the name Lazo Kolishevski:


from Lazar Panev Kolishev, prisoner at
the regional prison of Skopje, convicted to death penalty
by the Bitola military field court in the lawsuit 133/941
according to the Law for Defense of the State


Resignedly and from my heart I beg YOU to replace my death penalty with other kind of punishment. I am son of extremely poor parents; I grew up in the circumstances of awful economical oppression and constant unemployment. Never in my life I’ve been thinking or acting criminally, whatsoever and especially towards the Bulgarian state, which we all – slaves Bulgarians have been waiting with anxiety in our souls since long time: to liberate and reunite us within its mothers embrace.
I have been learned to a heavy work and hard morsel. I’ve been only thinking to work and help my parents, to endure the weights of life. I’ve never felt there is a framed thought or idea in me, I’ve been and still I feel distant from the damned left ideas – that brought so much misfortune to so many young people and their parents, and actually I don’t understand it and I’ve never been under its’ influence. I’m son of Bulgarian parents; I consider and feel myself Bulgarian, despite of the horrible slavery, I’ve preserved the Bulgarian way of life, language and temper. My parents in their patriarcalement are still unaware what happens with me, and if I will be executed, their tragedy will be horrible; it will take away their only consolation and hope in their life – their child! I sincerely beg you to try to probe deeply into my plea and to understand the tragedy – mine and my parents’, when they’ll understand one day, that their last consolation has left them, and in such way! One more time I address my appeal to YOU, and YOUR PARENTAL HEART for YOUR ROYAL MERCY – to replace my death penalty with other kind of punishment, persuading You that one day, when I’ll comeback to the free life thanks to YOUR ROYAL MERCY – I will succeed to embrace the dearest lesson in my life, to be worthy Bulgarian with my work and faithful subject of YOUR HIGHNESS and mother Bulgaria!

Skopje, 7th of December 1941

Truly faithful to YOUR HIGHNESS:
Prisoner at the regional prison Skopje


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